Nov 2016 One Call News


There will be a change coming soon to the Remarks1 and Remarks2 fields of the locate requests. These fields will soon be combined into a single multiple line field. This means there will no longer be a limit in how
many characters these fields might contain.

We have updated the ticket formats to accommodate this change. In the process, we have added some of the newer ticket fields that may not show up on your current ticket formats. This change should not only allow for the delivery of the new Remarks field, but it may also increase the information you have coming to you on your tickets.

Here is a link with further details on what can be expected on tickets…

Here is a link to a sample ticket, so you can see what they will look like and potentially begin any testing you might need to do…

We want to make sure that all members have a chance to update their parsing/software rules, test features and receive test tickets if necessary. We would like to have this process completed in the next couple weeks. However if your system updates and testing take longer, we will not go live with these changes until all members are ready.

Note that this update will also allow for the potential transmission of tickets with multiple polygons. We do not currently process tickets with multiple polygons, nor are we currently able to do so. If we do begin processing multiple-polygon tickets then we would let all members know ahead of time so they have time to prepare for such a change.

If you will need test tickets beyond the sample provided in the link above, then please send your request to ‘‘. You will need to include which State and District Code(s) you need this for. You can find your District Code in the upper left corner of your tickets, and it will typically be an alpha-numeric code that ends in two digits. It may also be called Station, Receiving, Terminal, etc. It should also be listed at the
bottom of this message.

*Please email “” A.S.A.P. letting us know the

1- If you do not need any testing, and you are ready to go live right now.

2- If you need additional test tickets, and where to send them.

3- When you will be ready to receive *live* tickets with these changes in

4- Please be sure to include ALL of your District Codes in your

We will then set one tentative go live date for the entire state based on these responses, and will let you know what that date is.

Please send any questions to



Note- If you receive tickets via XML, please note that the XML Schema currently handles these fields. There will be no change to the XML Schema. If you have any questions about this please email us at