LUCC Meeting Minutes April 5th, 2018

Welcome – Vice President-Robert Spencer called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees.

Self-Introductions – 34 people were present.

Meeting Minutes –Meeting minutes were approved at the opening of the meeting.

Treasurers Report – Naomi Shirtcliff: No changes to account balances. Need to decide how much to budget for Kidsports and other promo items.

Publicity & Education– Jim Franklin: in process of restocking brochures. We are looking into the idea of an $8.11 pizza coupon promo, possibly partnering with Papa Murphy’s Pizza, or similar?

Sandi: Are we going to order shirts? OUNC shirts are available for $3.50 each, minimum order of 72. Includes 811 logo on back, and company logo on front. It was discussed ordering extras to hand out to small contractor members, so they don’t have to order 72 themselves.

Damage Report– Brian Siria:  All utilities should now be using the DIRT website to report damage information. EWEB is signed up and using DIRT. City of Eugene is having some reporting issues but will begin using DIRT once resolved.

Web Page– Debbie Jenkins:  tried to load the March minutes just prior to the meeting but the website crashed. It was back up in one hour, the minutes will be posted later today.

OUCC Standards Review

Old Business: Jason discussed again the concern with contractors driving stakes in the ground without locates, especially concrete and landscape work. Also sub-contractors not calling in their own tickets, instead assuming its ok to work under the general contractors locate tickets.

New Business: Jason has ordered 700 pamphlets to hand out to contractors found working without a valid locate ticket. He has started a spreadsheet to keep track of the people he has encountered and talked to in the field. If he notices someone has been given multiple warnings there will be an RAA filed. Jason requests us to email him the names of any contractors we encounter in the field that we have spoken to about working without valid locates. EWEB met with Jason and is on-board with the plan.

EWEB dug into an unlocated conduit, no damage to cable, only the conduit. Reported it to Centurylink using the phone numbers listed on the locate ticket. The call went to Boise and a “ticket” to dispatch a tech was issued, but no follow up occurred. Still working on getting this resolved after a week. Can we get better local phone numbers listed on the tickets? Centurylink agrees they want damage calls to go directly to them, not USIC.

Program:  Kris & Brian – Traffic Control Plan Submittal Changes

In an attempt to decrease the number of TCP (traffic control plans) being reviewed each year, COE has changed the requirements for how TCPs are submitted. They now require all TCPs to be submitted with a Utility Public Way Use Permit Application (including blanket permit work).

Two memorandums were issued to describe the new requirements.

Lane County still doesn’t require a TCP with permits, they will request a TCP if needed.   

Meeting Adjourned- 12:55 pm

Next Meeting Topic:      Edi Pezos and Moses Jocis of Hilti North America: New OSHA Regulations on Silica Dust Exposure.