LUCC Meeting Minutes January 4, 2018

Welcome – President, Roman Hernandez, called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees.

Self-Introductions – 29 people were present.

Meeting Minutes – December, 2017 meeting minutes were approved at the opening of the meeting.

Treasurers Report – Naomi Shirtcliff: Not present. She has been working with Roman and Kent to get bank account and debit card set up. Also needs the mailbox key. Still need to get bank statement to know our budget for the Contractor’s Breakfast.

Publicity & Education – Jim Franklin: Not present. The decision to hold the Contractor’s Breakfast on Feb. 1st at 6:30am at Roaring Rapids Pizza was voted in by all present. Flyers for the breakfast have been made and will be emailed out by Dawna. Unable to determine what our contribution to door prizes will be until we get our bank statement / budget. Also looking for door prize donations.

Damage Report – Brian Siria:  We no longer need to send damage reports to Brian, instead compile and store them internally and then submit to DIRT after your account is set up. There is a DIRT tutorial on the OUNC website. The first person to register for your organization is the admin for the company. The admin can then assign multiple users. Roman: looking into getting a DIRT rep to come give us a training on the new reporting system. Going to talk to Scott and ask for a quick overview at the Contractors Breakfast.

Web Page – Debbie Jenkins:  The website is up to date. Reminder that the meeting minutes are posted after they are approved at the next meeting. (i.e. December meeting minutes approved at January meeting, posted on website after approved.)

OUCC Standards Review – Robert Spencer: read from standards manual: Pg. 12, 757.993

“Penalty for violation of utility excavation notification provisions”

“…shall incur a penalty of not more than $1000 for the first violation…”

Old Business: Kent stepped down as Treasurer. Naomi Shirtcliff volunteered and was voted in as the new Treasurer at the December meeting. Safety Summit has 350 vendors / organizations registered, will be capped at 400. Email Jessica Malmsted to sign up. There are not many representatives from Lane County registered.

New Business: Roman attended OUNC meeting and learned that nearly 50% of presidents are new to the position this year. Many people are retiring, including Tom Henerty from Comcast. Also, Tobin has a new position that has moved his territory to North of Corvallis. 

Diana Kennett has stepped down as Secretary. Amy Abramson volunteered and was voted in as new secretary.

There was a near-miss due to the wrong location being described on the locate ticket. The locator questioned it and called for clarification. CenturyLink had a damage in Albany because the contractor called the gas company directly for locates instead of using 811.

LUCC Officer Elections

President-Roman Hernandez

Vice President-Robert Spencer

Secretary/Information Liaison-Amy Abramson

Treasurer-Naomi Shirtcliff

Publicity and Education-Jim Franklin

Program Chair-Sandi Bonn

Damage Reporting-Brian Siria

Web Page-Debbie Jenkins

Program:  Group discussion: Emergency Response — Inter-agency Coordination

What are the Challenges? How do we communicate with each other during storms or other ICS events?

It is often a challenge to determine what the “backdoor” phone number is for each utility. During a large event the regular numbers are inundated with customer calls. CTL has a local phone number for the On-duty supervisor. EWEB uses a phone number and email for the ICS Liaison. It was suggested that we compile and share a phone list with each other for more efficient communication. Does 911 have a similar list? Most of the groups in the room utilize some form of ICS during emergency incidents. How do we effectively communicate who the Liaison is and their contact info? EWEB has discussed building a multi-agency communication platform for ICS, only in the idea stage at this time. CTL has utilized EWEB’s website to determine if an area has been cleared of downed power lines before sending in their crews for repairs. Coordination with repair crews and tree crews has worked well. How did locators deal with line safety during last year’s ice storm? EWEB locators were trained for how to approach and communicate with line crews. There was also communication between the various locators working the storm.

EWEB (Mark Maguire) recently trained 200 City of Eugene employees on Downed Line Safety, highlighting the point that all lines should be treated as live until an Electric Line crew has determined otherwise. A video was also made from the training presentation to use for training more COE staff and/or other local agencies.

Meeting Adjourned – 1:00 pm

Next Meeting Topic:  No meeting in February in lieu of Contractors Breakfast.