LUCC Meeting Minutes May 3rd, 2018

Welcome – President Roman Hernandez called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees.

Self-Introductions – 25 people were present.

Meeting Minutes –Meeting minutes were approved at the opening of the meeting.

Treasurers Report – Naomi Shirtcliff: Not present

Publicity & Education– Jim Franklin: all the rental companies have been restocked with brochures. Most of them were completely depleted, so people are taking the info, as hoped.

Damage Report– Brian Siria:  none

Web Page– Debbie Jenkins:  the website is up to date.

OUCC Standards Review – Robert Spencer: read section 952-001-0060 “When Excavator May Give Less than Forty-Eight (48) Hour Notice” – Emergency situations.

Another discussion of a recent locate that CTL wasn’t notified on a ticket, an excavator noticed an unmarked pole dip and called it in. How do we prevent that from happening? It was suggested to make sure your service areas are up to date with the One Call center.

Old Business:

CenturyLink is working on updating their contact phone numbers on the locate tickets.

New Business: Debbie is leaving the LUCC and will need someone to volunteer to take on the Web Page duties. It is currently listed as an officer position but can be merged into another officers duties. The web page doesn’t require very much time to maintain. She can keep the site up to date until someone can take it over. Debbie will also continue to participate in the Run to Stay Warm event.

Program:  Edi w/ HILTI: Effective July 1st 2018, new OSHA regulations require dust control to be mitigated to nearly zero airborne particles. They also now require each company to have a written dust control plan.

Previous requirements were 250micrograms/ M³ in an 8 hour period, it will now be 50micrograms/ M³ in an 8 hour period. Edi explained what the options for compliance will be.

Option 1: Conduct an exposure assessment for employees exposed to more than 25ug/M³ in 8 hrs.

Option 2: Provide respirators to employees exposed to more than 50ug/M³. Employees that are required to wear a respirator more than 30 days per year must be provided with medical screenings.

Option 3: Use methods described in TABLE 1.  Hilti launched dust control solution packages about 5 years ago, ahead of this new OSHA requirement, that are specifically designed for dust control mitigation to meet these new standards. Edi provided product charts with descriptions of what tools Hilti has to offer and explained some technology advancements they have implemented in the dust control line of tools.

Meeting Adjourned- 1:03 pm

Next Meeting Topic:         Debrief on Large Projects (EMX as example)