LUCC Meeting Minutes November 1, 2018

Welcome – President Roman Hernandez called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees.

Self-Introductions – 31 people were present.

Meeting Minutes –Meeting minutes were approved at the opening of the meeting.

Treasurers Report – Naomi Shirtcliff: Not Present.

Publicity & Education– Jim Franklin: working on drafting a mailer to invite previous members back, with a “we miss you” type message. Jim shared a drafted version he made with the group.

Damage Report– Brian Siria:  Not Present.

Jason Williams mentioned that EWEB locators called about some local companies found working before their locate ticket was due, a whole day early. Also, Innovative Landworks was found digging again without locates, NWN is going to file on them.

Web Page– Amy Abramson:  Webpage is up to date. The tablet is working great. It has made signing in and tracking the attendance very fast and easy for everyone.

OUCC Standards Review – Robert Spencer: Not Present

Old Business: Officer Elections will be in December. Amy shared some quotes for yard stake signs, 18” x 24” signs full color two sided, 100 signs for $585 or 200 signs for $660. Price per sign drops significantly the more you buy. Roman shared our Google and Tablet idea implementation with OUCC; they liked it and are going to encourage other councils to do something similar.

Debbie discussed upcoming Run to Stay Warm event. LUCC and OUNC share the sponsorship cost. They are looking for a couple more volunteers to help at the booth. Volunteers will receive a free LUCC logo’d event shirt. LUCC will have banners and flags along the race.

The contractor’s breakfast is coming up. Need to get quotes for venue and food. Jim will call Roaring Rapids to secure them again, all agreed we should use them again. Sandi has the invitation flyer to send out, she will send to Amy for email circulation.

There has been discussion around trying a new location for LUCC lunch meetings. Some feel the Sizzler location is contributing to declining interest in attending meetings. Suggested alternate locations mentioned: Buffalo Wild Wings or Ciao Pizza, both located on Gateway St. Most agree the Gateway area is ideal for convenience and ease of access. Sizzler has been good to us and a good meeting room but the food could be better. We will continue this discussion. 

New Business: Jim: Lane County is working on reviewing permitting rules regarding fixed hazard objects in the ROW (aka utility poles, etc.), especially in “Safety Corridors”. Jim advised permits might be delayed as they work through these changes. If a pole is placed before the permit is issued LNCO might make you move it to 30’ off the road for higher speed roads or 10’ for lower speed roads. Replacing poles in the same pole line shouldn’t be an issue. Debbie mentioned concern this could start impeding onto private property that far off the road. Jim will share more details on this as it becomes available.

Program:  Kevin Bissel – Oregon Utility Notification Center “811 Call Center – How to get the most out of your locates”. (Kevin had some car trouble on the way down so we filled some time with other discussions until he arrived).

Roman: there are changes to the Standards Manual effective January 1, 2019. He presented and read through the changes, as highlighted on the document available from OUNC website. It was noted that most of the changes were to existing rules, just added more definition / detail to the rule. The changes discussed were: the change from 48 hour ticket to Two Full Business days; Tolerance Zone now to include 2 ft vertical clearance “all sides of the facility” will include 24” pothole below facility and directional drills must visually see the drill head and back reamer pass back through pothole before backfilling; new 45 day ticket life rule; Damage to facilities, added language specific to Natural gas pipelines; delay of excavation agreement must be in writing and agreed by both parties; Design Locates adopted new language for “large area” surveys; and APWA color code changes definition of Purple to include irrigation lines.

Kevin Bissel – At the call center, reps will take your call and ask the caller questions to identify the location and scope of work needing to be located. They have a series of questions to get standardized info from excavators, which helps all parties with consistency. Best advice for submitting locates over the phone is to have your info ready; address, contact info, mark instructions, etc. 67% of all locates are now submitted online. Both ways of submitting tickets will always ask the same questions. The responding locators will want to know “where to go and what to do when the get there”. There is no standard for drawing the polygon. Make sure it covers the work site and it’s ok to go beyond work site. The polygon is not a describer of the work location, it is used to select the utility owners in the area that should be notified to locate their facilities. Facility owners determine the locations they want to be notified at, but that doesn’t always mean they have facilities in that area. The responding locators will follow the written directions not the polygon to determine scope of locate. If you have a large project, the call center can offer guidance. For companies that submit lots of tickets, it’s recommended you set up a caller profile that will help prefill some of the form with contact info, etc. This will also give you access to Ticket Manager. The call center hires up for summer, we had a record year this year for number of locates submitted and they anticipate it will continue this way. If an excavator damages a line, and it can be positively identified, call the facility owner directly to inspect and repair. If the facility owner is unknown, call for an emergency locate. Kevin finished his discussion by offering an open invite to anyone interested in coming up for a tour of the call center.

Meeting Adjourned- 1:02 pm

Next Meeting Topic:  “An update of the UO’s current and future projects” presented by Sarah Follett from University of Oregon