LUCC Meeting Minutes October 4, 2018

Welcome – President Roman Hernandez called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees.

Self-Introductions – 19 people were present.

Meeting Minutes –Meeting minutes were approved at the opening of the meeting.

Treasurers Report – Naomi Shirtcliff: Our business license has been renewed and we purchased the tablet and protective case.

Publicity & Education– Jim Franklin: Not Present. Roman mentioned he is aware that Jim is working on some mailers. They are currently in draft form.

Damage Report– Brian Siria:  Not Present. It was mentioned that CTL Fiber and NWN both had damages recently.

Web Page– Amy Abramson:  Web page is up to date. We have a new email address for LUCC: this can be used to send out communications to members on behalf of LUCC. We will also utilize the Google Cloud / Google Docs features. We are using the new tablet today for our attendance sign in sheet.

OUCC Standards Review – Robert Spencer: Not present.

Old Business: Jason is keeping track of all NWN damages and asks that we share with him (at LUCC) when damages occur to other utilities, especially if it was due to no locates. He would like to follow up with that contractor with educational info / offer training. Jason is about to do a training with a group of newly CCB licensed contractors.

NWN had another damage from a concrete stake. And NWN is going to file on a landscaper that they have had repeated issues with / warnings given.

Amy, Jason and Roman had a meeting following last month’s meeting to discuss the idea of using Jason’s tracking of issues with contractors as basis to file on them from LUCC and develop a series of letters / notifications that we could send to contractors on behalf of LUCC.

Rich asked how the Letters to Contractors be sent out: We will mail them a soft introduction letter first, making them aware that we are here and paying attention. This would also invite them to attend a LUCC meeting. The second letter would be more specific in notifying them that we have identified an issue, give warning that we have the potential to file, and again invite them to LUCC. If it continues to occur, the third letter would be warning of intent to file on them. All these letters would be sent from the LUCC, so no one utility or company would have to be the one sending it.

New Business: The Joint States Meeting was this week in Washington, Sandi Bonn and Jason Williams attended. They mentioned the event “Dozer Days” is an event held in Vancouver, where kids get to learn about excavation and drive the equipment. This could be a good place to introduce the future work force to 811. The next event is May 18th 2019.

The Utility Career Fair was also a success. Jason brought the 811 trailer and had it set up next to the EWEB locator demonstrations. There was about 400 high school students in attendance.

Jason: A local equipment rental company had a customer rent a trencher for a home project. The trencher didn’t go deep enough for his needs so he then rented a track-hoe. The customer admitted he didn’t know how to operate it but the rental worker offered their assistance. They ended up hitting a gas line and had no locates. This is an education issue for both the equipment rental company and the customer.

Program:  We haven’t seen much benefit from the time and money invested in the Home Shows. In 2019, let’s focus our efforts on this new program working Jason and sending letters to contractors. Education through direct contact with contractors is going to be more beneficial than handing out candy and pens at the home show. We can also find new ways to educate the public and home owners. Ideas??

  • Give companies that have shown improvement with calling locates new company logo’d shirts that are also sponsored by 811 (from LUCC). To say thank you, and keep up the good work! We would pay for the shirts to have their company logo and an 811 logo on it. Jason would like to offer this to Reese Landscaping, he will get a quote.
  • Spring is a busy time for home owners doing yard work, we could run a radio ad. It was mentioned that OUCC used to do a state-wide media advertisement. Roman will ask about this.
  • Use Real Estate type yard signs in new subdivision, placed near the pre-installed utilities stub ups and j-boxes. Amy will price these out.
  • Require equipment rental companies to have customer prove they have called for locates. This has been discussed before and has proven difficult to enforce. But we should continue to be involved with these companies.
  • Home Depot, Rexius, Lane Forest, etc. all have landscaping clinics for home owners. We should partner with them to include 811 education during the clinics. Add 811 stickers to rental shovels and other hand tools.
  • EWEB has a traveling safety trailer that goes around to schools to education students on electric safety. We can try to add a Dig-Safe message to this also.

Briefly discussed the upcoming officer nominations. We will be nominating Jason Williams as a Damage Prevention chair, potentially to replace the Damage Reporting position since it is no longer necessary. We will need a new Vice President, Robert Spencer is no longer working in Lane County.

Meeting Adjourned- 1:00pm

Next Meeting Topic:     Kevin Bissell – OUNC: “The Call Center: How to get the most out of your locates.”