LUCC Meeting Minutes September 6, 2018

Welcome – President Roman Hernandez called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees.

Self-Introductions – 22 people were present.

Meeting Minutes –Meeting minutes were approved at the opening of the meeting, after Roman made one correction to the comment regarding a fiber damage mentioned in the Standards Review.

Treasurers Report – Naomi Shirtcliff: The funding from OUCC now shows as a deposit on the statement. We issued a check for the Run to Stay Warm event and the 811 shirt order.

Publicity & Education– Jim Franklin: All brochures are up to date. Jim asked for suggestions for more publicity, should we sponsor a kid’s sports team or another event?

Damage Report– Brian Siria:  Not present. Amy asked if we should discuss the role of this position going forward, now that we are using the DIRT program for damage reporting. Maybe we should adapt the chair position to include work being done by Jason (tracking contractors working without locates, etc.).

Web Page– Amy Abramson:  Added some pictures of LUCC members at the HBA the golf tournament. The tablet will be purchased after today’s meeting. Roman is going to ask OUCC for some reimbursement for this purchase. He requests a report showing the time and cost of the current process to present as validation for upgrading to the tablet. 

OUCC Standards Review – Robert Spencer: Not Present.

Old Business: Jason attended the meeting at Eagle Crest. He learned about Bend’s “No Work” list, that prohibits contractors from being permitted to work in their ROW if found to have issues with locates, damages, etc.

Chris Silva is no longer with Centurylink.

Locators have noticed an increase in the number of locates since Jason has been working to educate more contractors to call in locates. They think the communication and threat of enforcement is motivating them to use the 811 system. Jason also said he has been watching for tickets called in by contractors that he has spoken to, and they have almost all started calling in locates, when previously that had not.

New Business: Jason suggests creating a letter to send to contractors that repeatedly dig without locates. It could be sent from the LUCC so that no one utility has to be the one sending the letter. The letter would state that we (the LUCC) will file on them if they don’t comply with the dig laws. The letter could also offer training, hosted by Jason. Per Jeremiah, EWEB is onboard with supporting this idea. Roman asked Jason to draft a letter for us to review.  

Program:  Ed Fredette w/ COE – Construction Site Management and Erosion Control Prevention

The city of Eugene, like other cities, has a permit with the State for storm water to flow out to the rivers. This permit has specific rules in place for how the water is quality is managed. Runoff from construction sites is a primary contributor to the impairment of water quality in the nation. Having uncovered stock piles (rock, dirt, etc.) is considered illicit discharge, and has to be reported to the state. All materials have to stay on site. COE does enforce these rules with “no work” orders and/or penalties. They offer assistance and education on how to mitigate runoff, just have to ask. Any construction site over 1 acres requires a state permit, that issued through COE. Saw cutting requires a Vac for the slurry, immediately behind the saw. Don’t give the slurry an opportunity to travel down to a storm drain. When there is an emergency main break that floods the road, throw down inserts asap, even if the drain already has sediment in it. Always have spill kits on hand, for oil spills from equipment. There are several kinds of inlet covers and bio bags, the orange flat style inlet covers are better for not impeding the traffic lane. Concrete water has a high PH, very hot. Can be very toxic to fish. It is recommended to use a settling pond or flocculent socks. When dewatering, don’t just throw the trash pump hose into the gutter bar without filtering the water (manhole vaults are usually clean enough to pump out directly in gutter). Stock piles should be covered from rain using plastic, straw, plywood, etc. Site stabilization and restoration is also important. Don’t use blended soil for landscaped areas in the rain season the smaller particles will wash out of the soil. Don’t use bark for grass base, use a compost. Local distributors have a “Garden Compost” that is recommended. Turbidity is currently a visual check but COE is working on developing a benchmark.

Meeting Adjourned- 1:05pm

Next Meeting Topic: Open discussion: What are some safety concerns or ideas when working in the Wet Weather Season, Dog Safety, Working in Traffic, Locator Safety Concerns, etc.