LUCC Meeting Minutes December 6, 2018

Welcome – President Roman Hernandez called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees.

Self-Introductions – 33 people were present.

Meeting Minutes –Meeting minutes were approved at the opening of the meeting.

Treasurers Report – Naomi Shirtcliff: cut check to Dormers to pay for the 811 Capes for Kids (as part of the Run to Stay Warm event).

Publicity & Education– Jim Franklin: Mailers to invite old members to return and recruit new members are ready to send. Asked Naomi to buy some stamps and envelopes. Since today’s meeting attendance is so high, we might wait to send them out until after the Contractors Breakfast. We wouldn’t have enough room to seat many more people in this room.

Damage Report– Brian Siria:  Not Present.

Jason Williams: has received a lot of calls from locators about excavators found digging without locate tickets or digging before the ticket is valid, including a NWN crew and a COE Parks Crew. C2 hit a 2” NWN line when boring in the town of Coburg.

Web Page– Amy Abramson: I went to check the website today and found that it has crashed. I sent an email to our website tech and he is looking into it.

OUCC Standards Review – Robert Spencer: Pg 20 of the Standards Manual: Emergency Locates “an excavator may provide less than 48 hours’ notice if the excavator is responding to an emergency, so long as they notify OUNC and takes reasonable care to protect the underground facilities.” It is recommended to wait till all locators have responded or at least make contact with them before digging. Refer to your ticket to know who should be responding.

Old Business: The 2019 Contractors Breakfast is confirmed at Roaring Rapids for February 7th. Sandi is to send Amy a copy of the invitation flyer to distribute.

Jason sent the officers an example of a couple letters the Clark County UCC is using to communicate to contractors found violating the dig laws. We are considering using their format as a template for a similar letter from LUCC. Their letters are very detailed, well written and align with the message we have been discussing for our letter(s).

Jason reminds folks to send him information when anyone finds contractors, home owners, etc. working without proper locates. Pictures are also very helpful for documentation if the situation escalates to a RAA.

New Business: 2019 Officer Elections – The following chair positions were nominated and voted in favor to serve the LUCC for the upcoming year.

  • President – Roman Hernandez (Centurylink)
  • Vice President – Rocky Stewart (PRG Consulting)
  • Secretary & Liaison – Amy Abramson (Eugene Water & Electric Board)
  • Treasurer – Naomi Shirtcliff (Williams)
  • Publicity & Education – Jim Franklin (Lane County)
  • Damage Reporting – Jason Williams (NW Natural)
  • Web Page – Amy Abramson (Eugene Water & Electric Board)
  • Programs – Sandi Bonn (City of Eugene)

Program:  Sarah Follett, PE – University of Oregon, Project Civil Engineer: “An update of UO’s Current and Future Projects. And updates to UO’s locating process.”

Sarah is involved with all design construction on campus, anything from paint design to full construction jobs. Sarah is the Civil Engineer and Quality Control for Campus Operations. She also manages the UO locates. UO used to have their own staff do the locates but has recently (about a year ago) contracted USIC to do all of their locating on UO owned facilities. James, from USIC, is the primarily responsible for locates on UO facilities, contact James for UO locating questions. Sarah also keeps UO’s mapping up to date for the locators and can also answer questions.

The big projects on campus right now are: Knight Campus – Science Research Center, located on the corner of Franklin Blvd just West of Riverfront Pkwy, to be completed by 2021: Hayward Field, located at Hilyard St and E 15th Ave, to be completed by 2021. Some other projects coming up are the UO Health Center, Black Cultural Center, Tyson Hall, Collier House conversion to class building. There will also be a parking garage built at Riverfront Pkwy and Franklin Blvd. There is a new rule requiring all freshman to live on campus, so there will be a lot of housing projects coming up to accommodate the additional students living on campus, especially around the Agate street area. Impacts to traffic on Agate St will be bad for a while. Updates to projects can be found online. The campus cooling systems (chilled water) is almost at capacity so they will begin upgrading those systems in the near future also.

Meeting Adjourned- 1:00 pm

Next Meeting Topic:  Scott Gallegos, NW Natural – Portland: “Changes to Oregon Dig Laws, effective January 1, 2019. What to expect from the revisions to the Standards Manual and how it effects you.” There will also be time for Q&A on the new laws.