LUCC Meeting Minutes November 7, 2019

Welcome – President Roman Hernandez called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees.

Self-Introductions – 30 people were present.

Meeting Minutes –Meeting minutes were approved at the opening of the meeting.

Treasurers Report – Naomi Shirtcliff: purchased items for raffle drawing and paid for post office.

Publicity & Education- Jim Franklin: 20+ invite letters were sent out to utility companies in Lane County that aren’t already members of the LUCC.

Damage Report- Jason Williams: EWEB reported to damages to me; Wildish damaged EWEB. There was a homeowner damage to NWN. Jason has noticed people are submitting locate requests but then digging before the locate is due. Jason has asked that we send any damages to our facilities to him to track and offer follow up training to the contractor.

Web Page- Amy Abramson: Not Present

OUCC Standards Review – Rocky Stewart: “When can an excavator give less than two full business day notice” 952-001-0060: If the excavator is responding to a valid emergency and notifies OUNC; the excavator has an agreement with each operator (keep documentation); when unmarked facilities are found (dig-in / damage).

Old Business: The discussion of LUCC buying lunches for officers has been tabled for now. Proposed nominations for 2020 LUCC Officers, voting at December meeting: all current officers have agreed to stay on for 2020, no other persons have been nominated. Jim shared he will likely be changing positions at work that may require him to leave his LUCC position but will stay on for now until he knows more. President: Roman VP / Standards: Rocky Secretary: Amy Treasurer: Naomi Publicity & Education: Jim Franklin Web page / Info Liaison: Amy Damage Reporting: Jason Programs: Sandi

New Business: Jason proposed purchasing 811 yard stake signs to install in new subdivisions while under construction. He has purchased these in the Albany area for $16.50 + $2.00 for the holder. If purchased we could split the inventory with a couple people to distribute. Jason motioned to spend $500 for this project, Steve Parrott second, no opposed.

Program: Ed Fredette, City of Eugene, “Current Erosion Control BMP’s and Construction Site Management.” The idea of Erosion control is to protect the water ways from more than just sediment, it’s for protection from all substances, like oil. Runoff is the primary issue affecting water quality. The City of Eugene answers to the state and supplies reports of water conditions. The city issues blanket permits to utility excavators like EWEB and NW Natural, and they are all the same. The goal is to keep all contaminants out of the storm water system, which leads straight to the river. If a spill occurs call the City right away 541-682-4800. There are Wet Weather Standards in effect 10/15-4/30. Prevention and BMP (Best Management Practices) are key. Ed shared different inlet protection systems that target sediment and prevent it from entering the storm drain. The different styles vary in cost, but sometimes the more expensive option can save lots of money in the long run once it’s needed. You will need to cover you stockpiles this time of year and keep it out of the road. Rain on a concrete washout or gravel pile will cause high PH levels in the water way, which is harmful to plants, tree’s and fish. The city wants to help. They can help people make a plan for erosion control and respond to immediate issues. Call them with any questions you may have.

Meeting Adjourned- 1:00 pm

Next Meeting Topic: Tim Blume – Williams Pipeline: “Using Drones for Utility Work”