LUCC Meeting Minutes October 3, 2019

Welcome – President Roman Hernandez called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees.

Self-Introductions – 20 people were present.

Meeting Minutes –Meeting minutes were approved at the opening of the meeting.

Treasurers Report – Naomi Shirtcliff: Last month we paid our OUCC member fee, purchased door prizes for the monthly meeting raffle, and paid the October post office box fee. A copy of the budget summary was provided.

Publicity & Education- Jim Franklin: Looking for help gathering mailing addresses to send letters inviting businesses to join as new members. It was suggested to call OUNC to request a list of potential 811 users that aren’t already members. Jason ordered brochures and they now come with a holder to place on counters. And they also include the new pocket cards with 811 info.

Damage Report- Jason Williams: There was only one damage reported to Jason last month, it has been pretty quiet. He is noticing this area is seeing better participation in the 811 system, the outreach is working. Jason brought copies of the Oregon PUC investigation report form. Use the form to report a new damage or violation the PUC and they will open an investigation. Jason mentioned a new issue with contractors (electricians mostly) setting temporary electric meter poles without calling for locates. These temp services also include a ground rod which can easily damage a gas line. Jason asked for help identifying how we can call attention and education on this issue. It was mentioned that communications (companies) locate response are often behind, going over the two business day response time. And they often don’t mark service drops on pre-survey design tickets. It was suggested to document and report the issues here to the LUCC; that is why we’re here. Changes can start with us and be escalated if necessary.

Web Page- Amy Abramson: Webpage is up to date. I will be uploading the OPUC Investigation form and the City of Eugene’s Pavement Preservation List to the webpage. I will also work with my office to find a way to communicate to the electricians that are installing EWEB temp electric services that they need to call for locates.

OUCC Standards Review – Rocky Stewart: Not present. Martin Magnelli introduced himself. He is with Advanced Underground Utility Locating, Inc. – a private utility locating company based out of Coos Bay, Oregon.

Old Business: We still haven’t landed on which event(s) or publicity opportunity we want to sponsor – Jason suggested we look into sponsoring EWEB’s career day for kids.

New Business: It was proposed to purchase lunch at the monthly meetings for the LUCC officers as a way to encourage new officer participation. We agreed we could look at the budget for this and only offer it to people whose company doesn’t reimburse them for the lunch(s). The 2020 officer nominations will be coming up in November, with voting in December. The current officers will be holding an End-of-year meeting this month. We need to draft a new (updated) description for the Damage Chair position. Roman raffled off a couple door prizes to the room.

Program: Stephanie Scafa, City of Eugene Public Works, 2021 Project Lead “Preparations for the 2021 Games” The IAAF World Athletics Championship is coming to Eugene in 2021. This will be the largest sporting event in the world in 2021. There will be 2000+ athletes from 190 countries; 3000+ media members, 3000+ volunteers, 13,370+ participants with an expected total visitor count around 55,000 people each day during the 10 day event. Oregon21 LLC is organizing the event [] another resource for information is and @EUG2021 on social media. It is anticipated that this event will see $138 million spent in the local economy and viewers will include up to 6 billion media impressions. Eugene is the smallest community to ever host this event. The city plays a role in helping with sustainability, safety and planning. A few of the large projects that are being pushed forward to be done before the event include: Riverfront Redevelopment, Steam Plant, Riverfront Park, Town Square (the Park Blocks), and a few key Roadway and Reconstruction projects. There will be an art feature that includes 24 murals to be painted around town by local and renowned mural artists see for more info. The city’s urban forestry is working to improve street trees and plantings to offset the carbon footprint associated with the large event. They will be planting 2021 Giant Sequoia tree’s, which will help clean the air and make the community more attractive. (That’s a lot of locate tickets!) The City is looking into hosting a watch party festival at the Riverfront property to allow people to enjoy the festivities at an offsite location, as most of the events will be held at Hayward field. Nick O’Quinn – COE Right of Way Supervisor: ROW use permits will be likely be limited to emergency work only for an roads requiring a Traffic Control Plan in the vicinity of the event and possibly surrounding areas. The city will roll out a defined moratorium later, but this is a heads up that permits won’t be issued for certain areas during the event and possibly a couple days or weeks before and after to reduce traffic issues with the large number of visitors. COE suggests that local utilities think about emergency response to any potential issues during the event and how the increased demand may affect their systems.

Meeting Adjourned- 1:03 pm Next Meeting Topic: TBD